I am proud to be part of such a fantastic conference that makes a real difference in the lives of many bright young minds!


Northwest Liberty Academy (NWLA) is a friendly environment where you can learn about principles of the government, learn about entrepreneurs and actually meet some, listen to inspirational speakers, do a lot of hands-on activities, tour the Boise Capitol Building, get to know other youth who have some of the same educational goals as you do, and just have a ton of fun. It is really a live changing experience. I went last year have not stopped talking about it. My best advice for you is to come and enjoy these wonderful experiences, because you won’t be disappointed.


The best experience I have ever had was at Northwest Liberty Academy. I love how much it has taught me so much about liberty, economics, rights, freedoms, Socialism, Capitalism, and so much more. My favorite thing that we talked about there was about freedom, how we gain freedom and how we keep freedom. I would attend over and over again. I encourage those who want to or are trying to decide to, to go because you will gain so much knowledge and learn things you have never thought of or heard of before. If you do not go, you will be missing out on an amazing opportunity that Elizabeth Hodge has set up for you.


Northwest Liberty Academy is a wonderful program where it teaches people of all ages to follow the constitution and to choose good, moral leaders. This academy taught me quite a bit. I love how there are different speakers who come and share principles that are important to understand. Northwest Liberty is a blessing. We can learn and grow with those in our community who can become lifelong friends.