2023 Liberty Symposium Tuition and Registration

$250 — Early Registration

 January 1 – May 31 ($50 discount)

$300 — Regular Tuition Fee

June 1 – June 10 (Regular Price)

$350 — Last Minute Tuition Fee

After June 18  (To cover additional charges incurred by vendors.)

TUITION INCLUDES: dorm room, meals, liberty library books & materials, bus transportation to and from statehouse during the academy, personal tour of Idaho Legislative, Executive & Judicial Branches.

Parents are invited and encouraged to sit in on and observe all activities at no charge. A tax-free contribution will help defray costs and help provide future scholarships. For more information contact Elizabeth at info@nwlibertyacademy.org or call 208-869-1709.

Rooms are available for parents at a cost of $25 a night. All meals are available at $10 a meal.

You may also opt to pay the entire Tuition when you register, leaving a balance of zero.

We also have a physical mailing address, in case you prefer to pay by check:

Northwest Liberty Academy
2150 W Champagne Ct
Eagle, ID 83616

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    A Headcount is needed for meals, so please check which days you will be attending.

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    Once you have completed your application above, please use the payment option below to complete your registration.

    Payment is being handled by Treasure Valley Commonwealth.

    Payment Options

    The $75.00 registration fee is applied toward your tuition. Your remaining balance will be $225.00 making your total tuition $300.00.

    Adults Meals (per meal) – $10

    Adults Shared Bedroom (per night) – $25

    Adults – Full Time (3 Nights) – $175

    Adults – Full Time (4 Nights) – $200

    Youth – No Housing Needed – $150

    Youth – 1 Day (meals included) – $50

    You may also opt to pay the entire Tuition when you register, leaving a balance of zero.

    We also have a physical mailing address, in case you prefer to pay by check:

    Northwest Liberty Academy
    2150 W Champagne Ct
    Eagle, ID 83616