Scholarship Application

The NW Liberty Academy is dedicated to teaching students, 12yrs. – Adult, about the benefits of a Free Society and Free Enterprise. No student is turned away, based on lack of funds. Our Scholarship Program is designed to provide students who are in earnest of learning, the opportunity for partial or full scholarships.

Here’s how it works:

Because of the generosity of individuals and businesses, we are able to fund tuition to our Liberty Symposium in part, or whole, based on need. This is not a handout or giveaway. There are certain stipulations that must be met. They are as follows:

  • Each scholarship recipient must make full application online. A $75.00 registration is required and applied toward tuition. This registration fee can also be reimbursed, if needed.
  • Recipients will be required to give a report on what they have learned and how they plan to use the knowledge to help others learn about the moral and ethical principles of a free society and free enterprise. The report can be written, video, or audio recorded and will be sent to the Scholarship Sponsor along with a Thank You note. The report may also be chosen to be placed on the NW Liberty Academy Website.
  • Recipients may be asked to give a short, public oral presentation to a group, school or organization in their hometown (This is one way to introduce others to the principles of liberty and will have a ripple effect.)
  • Recipients who are willing to earn scholarships by meeting the aforementioned requirements will be notified via email or phone call.

For more information or questions, contact Elizabeth or Alan Hodge at or call (208) 869-1709.

Those who wish to contribute to the Scholarship fund may make a tax-deductible donation, paid to the order of White Pine Foundation, Inc. a non-profit Idaho Corporation. Please mark “Scholarship Fund.”

NWLA Scholarship Application

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    I will submit a full report on what I have learned at the NW Liberty Academy along with a letter of appreciation to my sponsor or sponsoring organization within two weeks after the event. I understand that I may be asked to make an oral presentation during the year. I may choose to make such presentation using my written report. I may also use slides, video recording, story board or present with a fellow student(s). If you prefer to earn your money through individual job opportunities that may arise, please let us know. Such opportunities might include babysitting, yardwork, etc. Students 12-17 must have parental approval. ← Check ONLY if you agree to the above requirements for earning a scholarship. (required to submit form)

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    If you would prefer to submit a paper application, you can download a printable form by clicking here.

    Paper applications should be mailed to the following address:

    Northwest Liberty Academy
    6573 N Aspen Glen Way
    Boise, Idaho 83714