The Northwest Liberty Academy teaches the economic and ethical principles of a Free Society and Free Enterprise to people of all ages.

2024 NWLA Liberty Symposium

Coming June 19-22!

at Boise Bible College

The 2024 Liberty Symposium will feature Howard Beatty who will provide interactive content exploring the practical application of economics, Ron Nate who will speak on economics, John Green who will talk about situational awareness, and many more dynamic presenters!

Keynote Speaker: Curtis Bowers

Dear NWLA Families and Friends,

This year, we will be holding regional one-day workshops throughout the state this fall in place of our annual Symposium. These events will allow people to experience a fun, abbreviated version of our annual symposium (which will resume again, next year) including:

  • New interactive games on economics … out of your seat and on your feet!
  • Situational awareness classes on self-defense.
  • Opportunity to meet and hear from experts on local and national events that affect all of us.
  • See old friends and meet new ones!

Look for an update in August on the locations for our one-day events. Our target dates are Saturdays in October and November, and we already have several locations identified.

If you would like to have your town considered for an event, please contact Senior Ambassador, Esther Collett at (208) 201-9051 as soon as possible!

We look forward to seeing you again!

Yours in liberty,
Elizabeth Hodge
Executive Director, Northwest Liberty Academy