The NWLA Internship Program is comprised of a group of students who are interested in attending the annual Symposium and who may need assistance in raising money for their tuition. The program benefits both the student and the person, organization, or business that is in need of a specific service. Examples of services offered can vary from sweeping out a storeroom, to stocking shelves, or designing flyers, to computer programming, etc.

How it works

Mr. Smith owns a successful business where he spends much of his time. Lately, he has had so much going on that he has fallen behind on simple but necessary projects like sweeping out and organizing boxes in the storeroom and as he returns home he notices that the yard is looking neglected. On top of everything he has purchased a new computer and is not proficient at working some of the programs.

Mr. Smith goes to the Northwest Liberty Academy website and under the Programs tab, he sees Internship Opportunities. There he finds an application, fills it out and hits the Submit button. The application is directed to NWLA where it is processed. A return email is sent to Mr. Smith notifying him that an active search is underway and that he will be notified of results within a week.

When a candidate for an internship is found, he/she/they interview with Mr. Smith. Once Mr. Smith is satisfied that it is a good match for what he needs done, he notifies NWLA. Upon completion, Mr. Smith writes a tax-deductible check to White Pine Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization that sponsors the North West Liberty Academy. Results: Mr. Smith gets the help he needs, and money is donated toward scholarships to assist students in attending NWLA.

* For businesses/searchers
* For students