2021 Symposium Speaker Bio - Howard Beatty

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2021 Symposium Speaker Bio - Howard Beatty


Howard Beatty combines a passion for traditional American values with over 35 years’ industry experience to teach and demonstrate techniques to educate others about the benefits and superiority of free market capitalism, individual liberty and limited government over socialist alternatives.

Mr. Beatty graduated from the University of Michigan with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and from the University of Chicago with an MBA. During his lengthy career with Amoco, then BP, he was involved in every economic facet of the oil and gas industry from lease acquisition to exploratory drilling, oil transportation, refining, chemicals, supply chain optimization, product marketing and large scale project evaluation and management.

He has been a Junior Achievement volunteer for over 15 years teaching principles of business, economics and capitalism to grade school, middle school and high school students. He is a member of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) Faculty Network.

Mr. Beatty strongly believes in the founding principles of the United States Declaration of Independence and Constitution coupled with free market capitalism as the best way for humans to prosper and reach their highest potential.